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Taiwan Education Centre in India
Brief Introduction of faculties
Taiwan Education Centre in India

Taiwan Education Center at Amity was set in June, 2012 by the National Tsing Hwa University , one of the most prominent Universities in Taiwan, with the following 3 major functions:

1. Help Indian students with opportunities to study in Taiwan.
2. Promote academic ties between India and Taiwan
3. Expand Mandarin Chinese teaching in India.
We currently have 4 instructors in Amity University from Taiwan all are qualified by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and are very experienced in Mandarin Chinese teaching.
We welcome people from every area who are interested in getting advanced academic or Mandarin Chinese language study in Taiwan or learning Mandarin Chinese in India locally, please feel free to contact us at wcyu@amity.edu or at phone number x002-91-120-2445252 #1548 .

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